One day in the library,  I  was browsing for a genre which i have not  read yet. I saw a graphic novel of pride and prejudice  opposite the fiction aisle. I did not believe it.

I assumed that such great literary works can never be adapted into other forms because Jane Austen’s writing is so beautifully complex. Such writing needs to be read many times to soak its eternal appeal. Even today, her writings are read with reverence and enthusiasm. How can a graphic novel capture the every element of this great story?

I borrowed it with doubt and secretly took a chance to disapprove it.

When i began to read, there wasn’t much enthusiasm, slowly flipped the pages, remembering the times of comic book days, I did not know when i started to feel the book. I forgot that it was a graphic novel. The illustrations, the text in the speech balloons, colors and effects , all of the diverse elements blended so well into jane austen world. I particularly felt that the dialogs between the characters are very intuitive and well written without losing the originality. The figures , body , and face images are flawless. The effort to fully capture JA’s writing is evident . After completing the book , I felt a deep enchanting sensation as if i witnessed a never seen before magic show.

Every woman would like to be an Elizabeth Bennet for the character it portrays in this great fiction. I somehow feel that Jane Austen personally liked Elizabeth Bennet out of all the characters. It’s just my unsupported opinion.

This graphic novel is a creative attempt to bring out the JA’s works into a new dimension. I totally enjoyed this bold and beautiful work.Now , I undoubtedly like graphic novels and already picked up my second book, which is Anne Frank’s diary.

I strongly feel that every aspirant writer should read and re-read Jane austen for its literary richness.