In 21st century, the word blogger is synonymous to writer. It is popular beyond our imagination. I see blogger as ‘Book -LOGGER’. I don’t know how the word blogger was coined

As a blogger , below are the 10 commandments of writing from my perspective.

1) Read as much as you can
Good writing comes from constant reading.  Try to get your hands on books recommended by intellectual personalities and subjects which you are interested in. You are free to explore different genres .No specific genre is prescribed for beginner readers. Reading allows you to understand the style of writing, tonality, the richness of expression, the vocabulary used, the connection it makes with the reader etc. Make it a soulful ritual, you will be able to deepen your relationship with books.

2) Will to write regularly and consistently
This is a commonly given advice to all the writers who plan to ever publish their writing. This is primal to the art of writing. Make a habit and stay patient through out the journey.

3) Expand your knowledge by reading various genres
By reading various genres , one can discover the landscape of varying expression and thereby attempt to understand the power of such expression and how it moves or breaks you. How does a specific book creatively challenge or inspire you?  Enjoy this process as it helps  build a strong foundation for your writing.

4) Improve writing  – Grammar,  literary tidbits ,etc
Reading grammar books is not the right way to get good at it. Understand its usage as you write until it you no longer worry about it. Though the expression is important , without correct grammar, it loses its sense. Improve your practical grammar skills for efficient writing.

5)Earn your blog followers organically
If your blog has quality writing and creates interest in the readers , they keep coming back to your blog.There is no need to build traffic quickly and increase site stats. Give it enough time to naturally build your readers base and such readers will stay with you for long.

6) Write posts which speak to you and to your blog community
Choose post ideas which makes sense to you and motivate you to write. Writing is never a shallow process. A simple topic also needs analytic depth and conviction to give your best. This meaningful and honest writing is the connection to your readers. Always do your best to deliver quality posts.

7) No Lengthy posts
In busy lives like ours, people do not have much time to read. A brief period of attention is what a blogger can expect. A concise and well drafted post guarantees reader’s interest. Develop and improve on such lucidwriting , to keep your readers loyal to your blog.

8) Improve your blog’s outlook and style for capturing attention from readers
To attract the readers , the blog should be classy and pleasant to the eye. Out of the many thousands blogs, your blog should stand out. Spend some time to make your blog layout and features attractive.

9)Connect with fellow bloggers
Building a network with fellow bloggers help you stay current , motivated to know and follow the trends in writing and also to share creative ideas/perspectives.

10)Watch your Tone of writing – Honest , Positive and Empowering
One may have read many books but we love few authors better than others. It could be their style of writing or creative expression or approach of the subject etc. similarly all blogs are not created equal. Your blog should have a unique style proposition which brings readers to your blog. Be your true self to create an impact.