There is no one who doesn’t dream. Right?

The word ‘ Dreams’ is so unreal which is why we like them so much more than the reality. we try to do anything that takes us to it.

Dreaming is a discovery of the unknown mind-scape. It can be seen as a time sent cue to try something new.( please ignore the weird dreams which visit us now and then)

I don’t dare or care to understand why people dream . The birth and manifestation of dreams is all i care about.

Why do we become anxious to fulfill our dreams? Is it because they are too good to be true? or are they impossible to achieve?

Dreams are ideally projections of future in our minds. one can draw inspiration and plan something to travel to that future-self. Challenge yourself to act and complete it.

Don’t be nervous, be yourself to be a better-you with every fulfilled dream. I bet, no one can deny you the sheer pleasure of it.