How to come out of overpowering gloominess.? This is the feeling i undergo sometimes, when I’m indecisive about what i want to do on a given day.   I don’t know how much time  I have wasted by not figuring out the solution to this problem. This feeling has led me nowhere and made me procrastinate on almost on all the important things these days.

Today I want to do something to beat this gloominess. Yes!! I have made up my mind to face it and see what can possibly go wrong. It’s like pushing yourself to work out or go for a run when your body & mind out rightly resists it. Do not think anymore. Remember few of your achievements in a flash and draw courage to take the next step. It’s a gentle reminder that you can do it.

Just pick up the activity which you are expected to do that moment. It could be your household chore, or cooking a meal or going for a run or writing a blog post etc. This simple activity puts your near or almost on the track instantly. Every inactive/gloom moment is a call for battle.Fight it until it stops calling you. The best way to lose fear is to face your fear!

With each day, you get better. when you sow a seed, you don’t see much action happening. This tiny sapling needs sunlight , water, manure etc to germinate and most importantly patience to watch it grow in time. If you start dreaming about grown up plant, you will miss all the quiet charm of progressing life of the sapling. As we know , good things always take time!!