I thought to write , but what to write is always the haunting question. when you are constantly thinking about some idea or the other, your mind is overwhelmed and it rarely tells you to act on those ideas.

writing is not something which comes to you at some point of the day or week or month or  an year, it is a habit that has to be kept with.

I was under the false impression that when creative thought strikes me, i would write then. i did write on few occasions and that did not represent my whole self. It was just an incomplete piece of my personality. After lot of thinking , i realized that i need to regularly let my inner writer have its say. That is how the real writer inside would grow and publish its writing.

I’m more than convinced to write daily for just 15 min. Right now i don’t know what i would write , however its not impossible to find it.There is a saying, “when the student is ready, the teacher appears” similarly, when the writer is ready, writing will appear.

good habits need patience and perseverance. writing is like a seed , it needs to be nurtured so that it will grow optimally.

Today’s first writing draft gained its inspiration from write practice blog. Now i’m determined to accept this challenge and unleash my inner writer.

With this happy thought, I take leave until tomorrow.

A warrior with a mighty pen!!