I have recently started to read books on personal finance. One of the first books which caught my attention is a book by Manisha Thakor & Sharon kedar, “On my own two feet”.

For girls/women , personal finance is a big term, they do everything to avoid understanding it. Generally girls love to shop and enjoy their life. The satisfaction in their lives is directly proportional to the money they spend. They are emotional and sentimental in many ways than men. They tend to associate their satisfaction with the things they buy like cosmetics, dresses, high heels , gadgets etc. Every woman loves to shop and most of the times , it’s impulsive. Women go to shop for one thing and end up buying unimportant stuff.This indecisiveness can be controlled with right personal finance fundamentals. It is very essential to manage money and also to not blow away money ( on big items) without foreseeing financial future. Women are innocent in not knowing that buying unnecessary things  only gives temporary pleasure & leads to unwanted debt . One has to choose between looking rich and being wealthy.The importance of savings (retirement and other big events), investment strategies which help in supersizing money, avoiding debt &  achieving financial security for a peaceful and happy life are perfectly explained in this book.

Money may or may not bring happiness but it can bring misery if misused. One may earn millions of dollars and lose all that money over time due to reckless financial habits. This makes it primal to understand and manage money like a financial accountant.whether it is personal income or a  business , money ought to be wisely utilized and invested .All the rich men and women attribute their success to their financial wisdom and discipline.

This book has helped me understand the fundamentals of personal finance in a way never imagined before. The book is divided into easy to understand chapters, systematically explained with examples. At school , children are taught to learn math,science, languages,social studies etc but never given a single session on knowing about money.

Many years ago, I read ‘Rich dad , Poor Dad ‘ book by Robert Kiyosaki. This has been a good primer for my finance related book reads.I expected it would be full of  finance jargons and might be boring like economics.It was nothing like i guessed.The easy style of writing  made the  read  enjoyable and enlightening. I appreciate these two women who authored such a vital and indispensable book on personal finance.Being first of it’s kind (i think so), makes it even more special. It’s now the time to invest and harvest your money..!