Cats are undoubtedly one of the most lovely creatures on earth. cats are associated with a charismatic look and behavioral pattern and taming them is a great pleasure. These are cute fur covered love balls., i wish i could describe them with even more fancy .cats demand love and have a unique way to express it.

Most of us have a typical notion of cat since our childhood. we have seen cats creeping inside our homes and licking all the milk and creating mess; the mother cat hiding its kittens in our closets in a cozy corner; mother cat terrifying us if we have moved the kittens to some other place and lot more. These are still fresh before my eyes. I heard that a mother cat changes the home location of its kittens 7 times/ houses/spots, isn’t it weird and I’m extremely jealous that its as cool as much it wants and also it has no leasing or mortgage or home loan problems…what say? This kitty katty is an inspiration for the style statements as well , we humans have copied its very own cat walk style in our fashions. Agree?