Every day when i walk through the streets of this city , i see the unending ramp walks all over the place but no critics sitting around in these sky scrappers studio settings.It is larger than what a camera could capture.This daily sight seems new every other day and i never get bored of it.I force myself to believe that it is all real and its not one of my vivid imaginations.

The city is full of life in every  nook and corner of it.Every day there is mass exodus of people who step into the city to work in different offices and by evening ,people abandon the city only to feel one more beautiful day , the Next day.There is an intricate and complex network of trains which moves people in and out of this city.The subway trains rattling  underground NYC is incredible. The map would be more of a confusion than a help. I try visualizing the small intestine of the human body with added complexity.One cannot just figure out how  this whole system was developed many decades ago.One can see that some talented music guys or groups perform at these stops/stations keeping the passengers glued to their music but these passengers are on time to catch their subways rather dangerously ..

This city is a grande parade of magnificent buildings ,the sight of these buildings feels new every other day.I just don’t know how these extremely tall buildings/sky scrappers were erected in such a minimal space.The real land in this city seems to be the SKY as these buildings seem to occupy the Sky!!!.Every  building is so much illuminated that the Day sun is jealous of the night in this city.

There are many food places and the choice is just infinite and One would not want to fast amid these tempting cuisines.Every food place offers a feast and wants to beat its rivals every day.Every person has too much choice to decide before they want to place an order.One of my typical orders goes like this..

” Tall, extra hot , low sugar , no cream , no ice ,yes decaf, no nonsense, extra happy chai latte with skim milk ” for an exciting day ahead. Uff i just burned few calories placing my breakfast order at Starbucks. Anybody wanna join me?

As you walk past each spectacular building , your vision still persists .Visiting these places is so exciting as you can feel the pulse of New York city in every inch and the beauty is indescribable however i do not want to give up describing it.

What pulls so many people to this city , its the infinite opportunities for people to make their careers here in this city.There are huge stores with a sea of merchandise set out there for people to shop till they satisfy their super fashion sense and this sale has no last date.

The Rainy day in this city is so wonderful and i feel that these sky scrappers do not get wet completely no matter how much it rains.

There are people everywhere, i enjoy this peace in this chaos….

I have drowned and soaked myself watching the beauty of this great city and I would want to float so that i can drown again…………..