Welcome to the City of  Roses – Portland, Oregon, and the largest city in Oregon state. A port city located in the pacific northwest on the Willamette valley region. Portland has exquisite natural attractions, rivers, waterfalls, hikes, trails , forest parks , architectural attractions, and other natural treasures. I share with pride that we are the residents of this picturesque Portland.

There is a lot to explore in this beautiful city.  We have been to these attractions numerous times but still we can’t get enough of it.

One of the major places to visit is the Columbia River Gorge and its countless waterfalls , forest parks ,trails , creeks and other.

We started from Troutdale via the US -30 route aka the historic Columbia river scenic highway  in Oregon ; the drive from Portland is about 25 min in moderate traffic.


As we enter the downtown Troutdale which is a high- low kind of street city, it serves as a gateway to historic US- 30 route. The sandy river bridge is the connecting path. With sandy riverside to the left  ,rocky and steep mountains on the right, the drive feels exhilarating. The road is uphill and narrow covered with thick green forest cover, chained mountain rocks. The houses on the banks of sandy river and the ones in the foothills of the mountains are a lingering sight. There are few food places like Tippy canoe and tad’s chicken dumplings which serve tasty native style menu. Enjoy the snaky ride.


The next attraction on our list is the beautiful scenic spot and the highest point on the US- 30 route called the “Crown point – Vista house”. This “out-of-the-world” look of the monument takes you to the edge of the world , which oversees the incredible landscape, with the criss-crossing mountains and the angelic Columbia river course till they meet the sky in the far end, a painted canvas of lush green dense forest cover and the sky is a breathtaking view. One has to deeply observe to notice all the elements of this heaven. The telescopes mounted around the vista house help in viewing this infinite spread of beauty. You feel so tiny before this stunning sight.



As we get back on the curvy US -30 route , we reach Guy. W. Talbot state park and the Latourell waterfalls , a refreshing location with trails and waterfalls. You feel so close to nature as if you are in mother nature’s lap.

Off we go to our next spot , Sheppard’s Dell natural area is a very intact area of natural land with steep waterfalls , trails and forest area.The road has narrow turns and twists making it an edgy drive. The extreme beauty of areas like this, gives you goose bumps.
Here we go to the next spot, Bridal veil falls scenic state park. As the name suggests, the waterfalls resemble the lovely veil of a beautiful bride. There are trails leading to the top and bottom of the falls. The falls begins from the larch mountain and ends in the Columbia river, steep yet amazing forest area and offers a perfect spot to view the gorge. Do not forget to see the nature’s bride.

At this junction,The US- 30 ROUTE is now almost side by side with I -84 .

The Angels’ trail head is on this route which used to be a good hiking spot and nature’s resting spot  , is now closed permanently. [ post eagle creek fire]

The Benson state recreation park has a serene lake ; it has abundant rainbow trouts for fishing , good swimming waters and  a recreational place to have a family picnic. Get some quiet time away from the hustle -bustle of life.

Then we step into the Signature waterfalls on the Columbia river gorge, The Multnomah falls. It is the second highest waterfalls in the united states. It is no wonder the most visited waterfalls in Oregon. It is sometimes called ‘Grand daddy’ of all falls. The Multnomah falls Lodge,  visitors center , snack bar, restrooms are located on site. Multnomah falls can be reached via US- 30 and I 84. There is a huge parking area for the flocking visitors.



It’s a duplex-like waterfall which has an angelic view. These waterfalls are one of the most scenic spots on the Columbia river gorge. The source of the waterfalls on the top originates from the larch mountain beyond our view.

When you first see the snapshot of Multnomah falls from a distance, you instantly feel freed from the real world and are taken away to a dreamy landscape where laws of physics do not apply. The lush green flora complimenting these beautiful waterfalls represent the perfect studio settings of nature.

We had our breakfast at the Multnomah falls lodge. We loved the ambiance and the food. It felt like being in a high-rise penthouse with all the surrounding nature within our reach. We planned to hike all the way to the top of Multnomah falls. It was 1 to 1.5 miles steep hike on an almost unpaved trail .  We were in disbelief upon reaching the mouth of the falls. The nature in its pure state and the view of Columbia river is indescribable.


To be continued…